Joy, beauty, honesty, ethical action, simplicity, peace, fairness, and kindness – these are the things that matter to us at Heartspring Lake. We believe these qualities flow from love, pure and simple. Our goal is to contribute to the conscious presence of love in the world through ideas and images that spring from the heart.

Heartspring Lake Publishing releases work designed to bring hope and peace of mind to the reader. Our first publication, Can You Ask My Dad What It's Like in Heaven?, by Janice L. Dreshman and Robin E. Connors, is accessible to children and relevant to people of all ages.

This book poses and answers questions people often ask about life on the other side, the spirit side of life. It was inspired by real questions from real children who had experienced significant losses, and is easily read by children school-aged and older. Ideally, it is a book to be read with parents or other significant adults.

The book is available at these fine stores, and on-line.