Can You Ask My Dad What It's Like in Heaven?

A Short Summary

This lovely little book answers the most frequently asked questions that children (and adults) bring to professional mediums and other helping professionals. As a medium, Rev. Dr. Janice L. Dreshman has found that answering such questions is incredibly healing and comforting to those who have lost loved ones - including pets!

By gathering these questions and organizing them into a simple and straightforward format, the authors offer a wealth of information about the "other side" - the spirit side of life. They discuss crossing over to the other side, what it's like there, and what happens to loved ones in the process. Most of all, they give reassurance that the spirit lives on, love matters, and we are never alone.

About the Authors

Reverend Dr. Janice L. Dreshman is a registered medium in Lily Dale, NY, home of the world's largest Spiritualist community, and an ordained Spiritualist minister. A licensed social worker, Janice received her doctorate in educational leadership and has worked in the public schools for many years. Janice is committed to serving Spirit through her work as a medium by bringing healing and comfort to those who have lost loved ones. She loves talking with Spirit.

Dr. Robin E. Connors worked for several decades as a psychotherapist with children, adults and couples where her particular focus was healing from trauma and violence. A published author in the mental health field, she held a master's degree in child development and a doctorate in counseling. Robin worked as a writer and editor, and loved creating kiln-formed glass. Robin passed into spirit on January 20, 2012.

To learn more about Janice's work as a medium or to contact her for an in-person or telephone reading, go to www.spiritmessagework.com.

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